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The Yellow Peril by ChimCo

ChimCo created the “Yellow Peril” dildo to take back a historically loaded term, reclaim power, and help shift perceptions of Asian American sexuality. While there are a smattering of yellow dildos that line the shelves of adult and erotica stores, they have largely been part of a neon-colored novelty line, with no significant meaning attached to their bright yellow color.

In addition to making a social statement, ChimCo hopes to empower women and men to enjoy a sex-positive lifestyle. Which is why we will not sell the Yellow Peril to sex shops filled with creepy “Oriental” porn paraphernalia that fetishizes Asian women while shutting out Asian men.

The “Yellow Peril” is also a legit, functional dildo. We worked closely with Vixen Creations in San Francisco—an experienced manufacturer of sex toys since 1992—to provide you with a high quality product.

ChimCo aims for our products to be inclusive of all folks: Asian and non; gay, straight & bi, female, male, trans, and everything in-between.

The “Yellow Peril” shows the world that—contrary to what the media or whack sexual politics tries to tell us— Asian men are damn sexy (as in, broke the mold, y’all) and can rock many worlds. By purchasing one, you affirm that there is a population that desires the Asian male. Just ask over half of the 4.2 billion Asians worldwide.


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