Yellow Peril Dildo Makes Cameo in Notorious MSG Vid
December 27, 2011 by CBRUHS

The Notorious MSG recently released a video with an imperative message regarding your safety: “The Dangers of MSG: First Aid for Rectal Prolapse”.

As you may well know, listening to the ass-blasting tunes of MSG can wreak havoc on one’s lower intestinal tract. Being the considerate, honorable gentlemen they are, Hong Kong Fever, Down Lo Mein & Hunan Bomb graciously created this video to help you or a loved one minimize the damage:

Please note the Yellow Peril Dildo cameo in the lower left hand corner at 0:43 and 1:12. HOLLA! (Repeated use of the Yellow Peril can also contribute to lifelong rectal health and prevent such unfortunate accidents).

Thanks MSG!

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