Top 5 Asian Hotties as Chosen by The National Film Society
January 10, 2012 by CBRUHS

Patrick and Stephen of The National Film Society made a noteworthy video last month paying tribute to their “Top 5 Asian Hotties”. And it’s not Grace Park, Olivia Munn, or Ling Valentine — but hottie Asian MENS!

WARNING: Contains shirtless Harry Shum Jr….gird your loins, people.

ChimCo appreciates the commentary here, especially the attention to details like tracksuit panache, bone structure, and…abs that could knock your teeth out. While Bruce Lee is a DUH and in our opinion should be “#1 Asian Hottie Supreme of the Galaxy For Ever and Ever Amen”, we like the inclusion of unusual suspects — like the manly, bellowing Toshiro Mifune. Again, great attention to detail, guys. Cheers and long live the Asian hotness.

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