The Walking Dead Porn Parody and Yellowfaced Glenn
February 11, 2013 by Bang!

Thanks for Darling Ela for putting the below video together. Your friends here at ChimCo completely agree with you. Apparently, even though it’s 2013, the folks at Burning Angel don’t know it’s offensive to use Yellowface. True, it’s been talked about at Jezebel, KoreAm and Big WOWO. So we all know DASRACIST. But I want to point out it’s 2013 also because the first episode back from the Walking Dead’s winter’s hiatus has proved one thing: GLENN IS A MUTHAFRACKIN BADASS. DUDE is RIPPED and bloodied and kicking zombies with his boots until they die (again). Other folks are shooting guns (I hate you Andrea), crossbows (Daryl, you made a big mistake), but Glenn is on a rage and killing with his hands and feet! DUDE IS ON ONE. He is EASILY the best character on the show, especially now. And the moment (GOD FORBID) Glenn OR Maggie kick the bucket, there will be more outrage than ANY OTHER character dying. We’re talking about killing Ross or Rachel in the 90’s or never finding out who the damn mother is of the 10’s.

So go ahead Joanna Angel and Burning Angel, keep on with your tattoo’d, pierced, Union Jack’s reject porn stars and stick to your hey-i-found-someone-who-kinda-looks-like-Glenn-only-without-slanty-eyes game instead of spending the big bucks on Keni Styles, the only Asian brother in the biz right now. It ain’t a parody unless its stupid and a complete joke.

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