Maggie Gyllenhaal & Rupert Everett Introduce You to the First Vibrator Circa 1880
May 3, 2012 by Bang!

If only this movie came out two years ago when we did all that research on vibrators and dildos! Those documentaries were creepy boring and made the invention of vibrators as exciting as the invention of the first washing machine. This movie, however, is a hilarious Maggie Gyluhjgjgyjll film that covers the use of vibrators for “medical” purposes to relieve women of “hysteria”. Those early lucky Tendonitis-striken doctors are portrayed by that dude from Adam (he’s British??) and that guy from the Lexus commercial and Rupert “what have I been doing since My Best Friend’s Wedding” Everett. Only the British can bring you a comedy about dildos and keep it classy and funny. Watch it.

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