Keni Styles Finally Makes a Bruce Lee XXX Parody
March 10, 2011 by Bang!

[warning: don’t click on any of these links at work. They are most def NSFW].
Bruce Lee XXX

Asian Brit pornstar Keni Styles has finally gotten around to making a Bruce Lee XXX porn. After tackling the role of Sulu (twice), Keni Styles has decided to take on the iconic role of The Dragon. What does this mean to Asian America? Honestly, I’m torn every time Keni does something that pushes Asian dudes past the point of Chinese-delivery-guy-that-interrupts-the-porn-sex-scene. The man is British and doesn’t really see the importance of what he’s doing or really actually care. Check out his blog and you’ll see. The guy lives in a (porn) bubble filled with fast cars and white women and when he hooked up with Asa Akira for the first ever Asian on Asian scene in an American DVD, I’m pretty sure Asa was the only one that cared. Even then, she had a “meh” attitude. So what does this Bruce Lee XXX film mean to Asian America? I’ll let you know after I *ahem* watch it a few times. For research, ya know?

via Hyphen Magazine

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