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Pussy Paddler Makes Poons Pop (It’s Not What You Think)
July 18, 2014 by CBRUHS

Holy Hoo-Ha, talk about dedication to one’s craft! (See, it’s LITERALLY a pussy kayak. And a fun alliteration).

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi –  aka Rokudenashiko — has demonstrated an uncompromising, steadfast commitment to chocha art — to the extent that her latest endeavor has landed her right in the clink!

Rokudenashiko started down the glorious pussy path when, feeling something was “abnormal” with her own fla-fla, she underwent vaginal “rejuvination” surgery. Afterwards, she felt “disconnected” from her remodeled cooter and turned her energy towards spreading the sweet gospel of poon acceptance through her artistic creations — which includes jewelry, an iPhone case, and her latest project: gliding around in a kayak modeled after her very own ladyparts — which promptly got her arrested under Japans’ obscenity laws.

America’s Porn Searches by Fetish, by State, and by Duration
August 31, 2013 by Bang!

I’m a big fan of infographics and this one may be the most fascinating one yet. Now we know what people are searching for on Pornhub (I’d probably say its THE most popular site for free, and paid, porn on the web) — and it’s aggregated BY STATE!

Now we know which states are into the most deviant shit (I’m looking at you Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia; AKA the “Cream Pie” Belt), the most strangest stuff (“Anita Queen” is what-now, Nevada?), the most puzzling (Kentucky and “hentai”? Really?), the most indecisive (I’m looking at you “compilation” lovers), the most “Ebony”-loving Southern states (Yay Civil Rights(?)) and the most inexplicable (Mississippians’ site visit durations last the longest AND they’re most into “teen” porn? That just seems wrong). Take a look at the map and go deeper (pun...

Hyphen Magazine Profiles Cbruhs and BANG!
July 22, 2013 by Bang!

Hyphen Magazine Issue 27: Sex - Summer 2013

Thanks to Hyphen Magazine the mysterious founders of the Yellow Peril dildo have finally revealed themselves. Kinda. Cbruhs and BANG! Wanna thank Hyphen Magazine for an awesome photoshoot and a great article, which you can read below. Stay tuned for the outtakes from this photoshoot as we release them one by one… but only if you’re good.

Yellow’s not always mellow. A shared interest in media portrayals of Asian American male sexuality led nonprofit consultant Cynthia Brothers and her business partner (who goes by the name “Bang!”) to the Yellow Peril — a fully functional dildo as well as a potent political statement to reclaim Asian American sexual perceptions.

The duo is using one stereotype (the name is a reference to late-19th century stereotypes of Asians as invasive yellow hordes out to destroy Western values and civilization) to battle another...

Keni Styles Opens Our, Ahem…Package!
May 15, 2013 by CBRUHS

That’s right! THE Keni Styles! In episode #70 of his Kenicamz vlog, America’s most beloved (and only?) Asian adult film star opens our package of Yellow Peril Dildo #schwag. SQUUEEE!! Although, we do get swiftly upstaged by a box of Downy fabric softener balls (jump to 2:57 for the ChimCo cameo):

Free household supplies! SQUUEEE!!

Thanks Keni! Can’t wait to see what that lucky girl thinks of the Yellow Peril! smile

OH WHAT You Have SEX with Your Sex Doll? EWWWWW
April 26, 2013 by Bang!

Seriously all you do is have sex with your made-to-look-real silicon sex doll? If that’s all you do, then you are missing out on oh-so much my friend. In what may be the greatest use of the in-browser Google Translator service in Google Chrome, the Japanese website http://dollroom.sakura.ne.jp/ is run by someone I can only assume is a Japanese dude who lives alone in a Tokyo studio apartment. Someone who loves video games, magic tricks and trying on clothes. See, the genius (or absolute creepiness) of this website is that dude treats his sex doll like a blogger who nonchalantly reviews the very latest in iPads, Wii‘s and anything else he can get a hold of. The creepy stills creates a story that gets creepier and creepier as you scroll down. It would be funny if it was created ironically by a comedy troupe in LA trying to make it big online. But done up by a dude on...

G.I. Joe aka The Abs of Storm Shadow Show
April 15, 2013 by CBRUHS

The long-awaited “G.I. Joe Retaliation” came out in late March, dominating the box office with $52M in sales over Easter weekend; with a worldwide gross of over $270M to date. “Retaliation” is directed by John Chu and stars Elodie Yung, Channing “nude lip gloss” Tatum, The Rock, and some other roided out old dudes I don’t care about and wish would get out the way to make room for more sha-wing-worthy Byun Hun Lee as STORM AAAYOOOGAAH SHADOW!

WHAT. I just wanna take a pair of spoons to that washboard and hammer out “Amazing Grace”.

How sweet the sound, indeed.

pic via Angry Asian Man

The Dildomaker: What Canst Thou Dildo-ize?
April 2, 2013 by CBRUHS

FINALLY! A gadget for your home that can turn just about anything into a sex toy. Is there a single thing on god’s green earth that’s off limits for your fla-fla or no-no?

Apparently not, according to inventor/designer/OBGYN school dropout Francesco Morackini, who has dubbed his magical creation “The Dildomaker”. Why limit yourself to 100% hypoallergenic, hygienic, pliable yellow silicone (ahem) when you could, according to Morackini’s website, make a dildo out of “limitless choices”:


So. Many. Dildos.

Is that a TREE BRANCH?!?

Chim have mercy.

via Jezebel and HuffPo

The Walking Dead Porn Parody and Yellowfaced Glenn
February 11, 2013 by Bang!

Thanks for Darling Ela for putting the below video together. Your friends here at ChimCo completely agree with you. Apparently, even though it’s 2013, the folks at Burning Angel don’t know it’s offensive to use Yellowface. True, it’s been talked about at Jezebel, KoreAm and Big WOWO. So we all know DASRACIST. But I want to point out it’s 2013 also because the first episode back from the Walking Dead’s winter’s hiatus has proved one thing: GLENN IS A MUTHAFRACKIN BADASS. DUDE is RIPPED and bloodied and kicking zombies with his boots until they die (again). Other folks are shooting guns (I hate you Andrea), crossbows (Daryl, you made a big mistake), but Glenn is on a rage and killing with his hands and feet! DUDE IS ON ONE. He is EASILY the best character on the show, especially now. And the moment (GOD FORBID) Glenn OR Maggie kick the bucket, there will be more...

New JINBO Music Video
January 30, 2013 by Bang!

Real smooth R&B/hip hop track by Korean based rapper JINBO. Real smoove at eating a banana there JINBO!

Lieutenant Sulu’s Log, Stardate 020809: John Cho is Up to Big Things
July 17, 2012 by Yellow Dildo

john cho
John Cho, the greatest and handsomest thespian to ever graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, sure has been BUSY lately. First he gets picked up on NBC’s new Matthew Perry comedy ‘Go On’, which was created by some ‘Friends’ producers. Here’s a spoiler: He’s Matthew Perry’s boss. And the young Chris Rock kid from ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ is in it.

Wait, there’s more? John Cho is also in a new Jason Bateman film called ‘Identity Thief’, along with Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet and Genesis Rodriguez.

And of course there’s the ‘Total Recall’ remake where John Cho plays the guy that hooks Colin Farrell up with a mind-meld trip to Mars. He stars along the always beautiful (and 1/4 Burmese) Kate Beckinsale.

OH WAIT THERE’S MORE? Yes, an animated Harold and Kumar series on Adult Swim voiced by the great John Cho and our favorite mid-level staff member...